A California Judge has dismissed James Safechuck's case against MJJ Productions Inc. and MJJ Ventures Inc.

On October 20th Judge Young determined that the cases made against Jackson's corporations had not been sufficiently argued and that the corporations could not be held responsible for the alleged actions of Michael Jackson himself. As a result, Safechucks case has been sustained without leave to amend on all clauses of action (pictured below). In a total of 10 pages of court documents (available in full
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) Judge Young outlines in detail every six causes of action.


This is the third amended complaint filed by James Safechuck (this one was filed in February of 2017) against Jackson's corporations and thus the third to be dismissed (by two seperate Judges). Wade Robson's case makes very similar arguments and it is likely that his case will also be dismissed.

Safechuck can now appeal the court's decision, and it is likely that Vince Finaldi (Safechuck and Robson’s lawyer) will do so on his behalf. Director of the fraudulent TV show ('Leaving Neverland'), Dan Reed, has been working on a sequel (que more drone shots and sad music) which will focus on the court proceedings. It will be interesting to see how he's going to twist this one, no doubt Robson and Safechuck will be painted as "two poor victims denied justice" rather than two perjurers dragging the legacy and image of the man who gave them so much through the dirt.

As Michael himself said "If you know it's a lie/ Then you will swear it/ If you give it with guilt/ Then you will bear it/ If it's taking a chance/ Then you will dare it/ You do anything for money"

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