"The Truth Runs Marathons" - The up-and-coming docu-series focussed on setting the story straight once and for all has recently been discussed in a YouTube live session broadcasted by Taj Jackson. He spends over 2 hours talking about various subjects, including the progress of the project.

  • Taj hopes not to delay the documentary to 2021, but he doesn't know (due to the current situation). What he says is to do more interviews in person.
  • Apparently, Brett Barnes is an important piece of "The Truth Runs Marathons". Taj is in contact with him continuously.
  • He would love to interview Britney Spears. He says he will look for you when the time is right.
  • Taj contacted writer Howard Bloom, security guard Bill Whitfield and Chris Tucker.
  • He has not yet "officially" contacted Emmanuel Lewis.
  • Taj plans to contact Lisa Marie Presley and her daughter, but she still won't because of the difficult times she is going through.
  • Taj contacted Brad Bruxer, a music producer who worked with Michael Jackson for '' Dangerous '' until 2009 and plans to interview Rodney Jerkinds, producer of the album '' Invincible ''
  • 40 people is the minimum that Taj wanted to interview, but (apparently) more will appear.
  • Taj hopes Jordan Chandler will speak publicly one day. He hopes that his documentary will encourage him to do so.
  • Taj does not have access to all MJ's private videos.
  • Taj will not force MJ's children to appear in the documentary, although he says they know of his existence and support him. He says that if they don't appear in the document, he expects them to do so in the disclosure.
  • Taj said he would love Debbie Rowe to be in his documentary.
  • Finally, he says that his documentary will be released when it is ready.
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Video broadcasted live on August 1st 2020

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