In this article, we will explore some of the concept art created and envisioned for the Vegas resident show, Michael Jackson ONE. Some of these images are smaller than I'd hoped, but you get the idea. Background Concept Design + Mattepainting + Animation Assets Client : Cirque du Soleil...
As promised in the earlier article, Michael Jackson: 50th Anniversary Celebration We have 'sat down' (virtually ofc) with the man himself. So. Azura is an awesome name. Is this your real name - and if not, how did you pick it? Azura is not my real name, I’ve been using this alias for years...
Being fans of Michael, for the most part - it's in our nature to care. It's in our nature to spread awareness and care about others. It's in our nature to care about the world and the future of this earth. Quote from This Is It Rehearsals.. 'I remember writing Earth Song when I was in Austria...

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