I don't have much to say, apart from - Michael Jackson was King. Thank you for visiting this website, forum and fan-space. It's a place where we celebrate our hero. The man who inspired so many of us to do great things in our life. 12 years ago today, 12 years - I realised how one single thing...
Paris Jackson Joins Heal LA effort along with other founding members, and Prince Jackson. 'Keeping the tradition of family ties. Welcome, @ParisJackson to the Heal LA team! We can’t wait to work with you on all the amazing projects we have coming up!' Paris has said - This is a big...
MJ - THE MUSICAL 2021 NOW STARTIN’ SEPTEMBER 2021 MJ is the electrifying new Broadway musical that takes audiences inside the creative process of one of the greatest entertainers in history. Featuring over 25 of Michael Jackson’s biggest hits, MJ allows us to rediscover the man in the mirror –...

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