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Ranch Owner Sues for Aerial Photos


The billionaire owner of the Neverland ranch, once owned by King of Pop Michael Jackson, has sued a Camarillo helicopter company for invasion of privacy.

We previously published some photos that had been circulated amongst many other news outlets -

Neverland Ranch is Being Restored?

Neverland Ranch is Being Restored?

The place Michael Jackson called home for 17 years is in full restoration. Photos released show that several attractions have been put back in place, not exactly the same, but as they used to be. The tents are back and a new attraction called 'Hook's Revenge' has been installed and even a train...

The lawsuit filed in Santa Barbara County Superior Court names Remember LLC and Ronald W. Burkle as plaintiffs, and Orbic Helicopters Inc., Orbit Helicopters Sales and Service at Camarillo LLC as defendants, along with 10 unidentified individuals.

The complaint, filed April 19 by attorney Christopher Dacus of Glaser, Weil, Fink Howard Jordan and Shapiro LLP in Los Angeles, centers on photos captured by a photographer in a helicopter flying over Sycamore Ranch at 5225 Figueroa Road near Los Olivos.

Photos were later published in several newspapers, including versions of The Sun newspaper in the United States and United Kingdom.

Burkle, a friend of the Jackson family, bought the property in 2020 for $22 million and has since been restoring the place Michael Jackson called home for 17 years.

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