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'Thriller 40' is Out Now


The 40th Anniversary edition of the best selling album of all time is out now, featuring the original iconic album, ten demos/rarities and additional demos/mixes exclusive to the digital edition. 'Thriller 40' is the third reissue of the original album and the first posthumous album since 2017's Scream.

'Thriller 40' was first announced by the Estate of Michael Jackson in May this year, the additional bonus tracks were later revealed on a weekly basis beginning in September. The bonus tracks include:

Michaels original 'Behind The Mask' demo which was released on the 'Michael' Album. 'She's Trouble' which was presented to Quincy by songwriters Terry Britten, Sue Shifrin and William Livsey for consideration, it was recorded but ultimately did not make the album. 'The Toy' is an early version of 'Best of Joy' which was indented for a movie of the same name. 'What a Lovely Way To Go' was reportedly written by Michael in the 1970s and was later revisited while he was writing songs for Thriller. 'Sunset Driver' which was originally written and recorded for 'Off The Wall' and featured on 'The Ultimate Collection' in 2004. 'Carousel' was written by Michael Sembello and Don Freeman and previously released on the 2001 Thriller Special Edition. 'Got The Hots' which appeared on the Japanese Edition of 'Thriller 25' in 2008. 'Starlight' which is the original version of 'Thriller' before it was re-written by Rod Temperton with scarier overtones. 'Can’t Get Outta The Rain' is an Off The Wall era track which appeared as a B-side for 'The Girl is Mine'.

In Addition, the Thriller Short Film is now available in 4K on YouTube along with 'Beat It' which became available earlier this week.

'Thriller 40' is available now across all streaming platforms and to buy as a physical copy.

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