'Smooth Radio' (a UK based radio station) has held its annual 'Smooth Icons' where listeners vote for their favourite artists of all time in an online poll. A total of 43,000 votes were cast, with last years winner, George Michael falling to second. Michael placed sixth in last years poll, shooting up to claim the top spot this year.

The top 10 included 1. Michael Jackson, 2. George Michael, 3. Queen, 4. Whitney Houston, 5. ABBA, 6. Bee Gees, 7. Elvis Presley, 8. Elton John, 9. Prince. 10. The Beatles. If you missed the countdown it is available for the next 7 days on Smooths 'Global Player' (linked below).

This is another 'chink in one's armour' to the haters that love to tout MJ is muted. Muted?! Hardly!



Well done, Moonwalkers!

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