Michael Jacksons' 'Thriller' album - 1982

It's that season again - one of which is personally my favourite! World Music Awards have recently tweeted that the legendary album, 'Thriller' has scored a 20% increase in US digital song sales in the week ending September 30th. The World Music Awards have reported that the album has sold 4.32 MILLION Digital Song Sales in the US to date!

It's worth noting that as of 2018 - digital single sales for 'Thriller' was certified by the RIAA as 6x platinum, which would indicate 1 million sales per platinum achievement. For many years, there has been confusion on the accurate number of sales for the album.

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Either way, it's a hit - and we're in the right season for sales and streams to absolutely skyrocket!

As of August 20th 2021, the Thriller album earned the RIAA 34x Diamond Award.


Well done, Michael!

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