1. Ben Nagle

    Featured You Should Feel Threatened By Me

    Nineteen years ago this month, Michael Jackson's final studio album ‘Invincible’ was released. It had been six years since Jackson's last full studio album ‘HIStory Past, Present and Future Book 1’ and four years since his very last offering ‘Blood On the Dance Floor/ HIStory In The Mix’ which...
  2. smooth-c

    Revisit - Michael Jackson's Pop Star Breakthrough, 'Off The Wall' | For The Record

    Jackson and producer Quincy Jones' pop dominance began with the GRAMMY-winning, record-breaking 'Off the Wall,' released Aug. 10, 1979 In 1978, a 20-year-old Michael Jackson, alongside Diana Ross, comedian Richard Pryor and other major Black stars, starred in Universal/Motown's feature film The...
  3. Ben Nagle

    ‘Off the Wall’ turns 41! What is your ‘Holy Trinity’ from the album?

    Today marks 41 years since “Off the Wall’ was released, a defining moment in Michaels career as he successfully transitions from child prodigy to adult star. In 1981 the album became the best selling by any black artist and would produce an unprecedented four Billboard top 10 hits (two reaching...
  4. Minimj

    The Jackson 5 or The Jacksons.

    Pretty simple - who do you prefer? Two different groups in my eyes for the simple fact of the shift of genre in regards to the style of music. For me, I prefer the Jacksons. The style of music was some what more like a feel of fresh air in contrast to the bubblegum pop sound of the Jackson Five.
  5. Minimj

    Invincible- 'The Weakest Link'

    Invincible was the last solo album from Michael. This album has received many low reviews and slack from the fan community. Let's discuss why it is the least favourite album from Michael. Also if you have any positives post away!
  6. smooth-c

    Welcome Thread

    Welcome! Please use this thread to introduce yourself as a new member :) -- My name is Greg, I've been a long term MJ fan. I'm currently 32 years old and live in South East of England. My favourite album is the Bad album. See you around!