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‘Off the Wall’ turns 41! What is your ‘Holy Trinity’ from the album? (1 Viewer)


Today marks 41 years since “Off the Wall’ was released, a defining moment in Michaels career as he successfully transitions from child prodigy to adult star. In 1981 the album became the best selling by any black artist and would produce an unprecedented four Billboard top 10 hits (two reaching the top spot).
OTW still sounds as fresh and uplifting as ever, serving still as an example of Michaels genius.

It is impossible to pick a favourite Michael song (and I can’t be told otherwise) and it’s equally impossible to even pick a favourite track from a single album. However, to celebrate forty-one years of this masterpiece, what do you believe to be the “holy trinity” of ‘Off the Wall’.
I’ll start:
1. DSTYGE - In my opinion this has got to be one of the most exhilarating openers to any album, an absolute classic.
2. Rock With You - I feel as though this song truly sets in stone that Michael is no longer the kid from the J5. It’s a grown up adult song.
3. Get On The Floor - This hidden gem is the ultimate disco song, encapsulating the era in which it was released. It's unfortunate that it does not get the credit that it is due.

”I am interested in making a path instead of following a trail and that’s what I want to do in life—in everything I do” - Michael Jackson, 1979.
My top three picks:
-I Can't Help It (severely underrated but extremely good.../Michael's vocals are a pure bliss to listen to/both the 'official' and demo version are fantastic!)
-DSTYGE (an iconic/revolutionary track that set the bar for pop music)
-Off The Wall (a gleeful and explosive song that always manages to cheer me up [I adored listening to it in boring school trips]/its intro is amazing)

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