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Michael Spent a Fortune On Flowers at Neverland


Michael Jackson in Neverland: King of Pop spent a monthly fortune on flowers.

'' One afternoon, Michael and I were walking by the lake where he had recently built a small watchtower.

He was telling me his plans for the lake.

He said he would like to add a big waterfall on the west side and expand it much more so he can ride a jet ski. Although the lake was about five hectares in size, it looked too small for a jet ski and in some places it was quite deep.

As we strolled, Michael said, “Do you see the flowers scattered around the lake? I told gardeners to plant them at random, as if they had grown there naturally. ”


Such was the case, but I remember thinking that it probably must have been chaos for gardeners, because they would have to cut the grass between the flowers with scissors, while the rest would have to be pruned.

Michael spent a monthly fortune on flowers and I remember an estimate from the chief gardener of something like $ 30,000 a month. It was hard to imagine that anyone could spend so much on flowers, but when I looked around I realized that they were everywhere.

There was a big flower bed near the cinema and I remember one day when one of the biggest flower beds had been completely uprooted and the gardeners were replanting.


I asked Michael what had happened and he said, “There is a family of wild boars down the hill and they go crazy in that patch. I don't know how many times I had to replant.”

I said, “You know Michael, any of these people around here would probably be delighted to have one of those boars at home for dinner. Or you can pick them up and take them to the neighbouring farm, on the other side of the city, where they won't bother you.”

“No, I wouldn't do that. I settled in your habitat, you know, ”he said.''

William B. Van Valin
Doctor and friend of Michael Jackson, in his book Private Conversations in Neverland with Michael Jackson.

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