1. smooth-c

    [Updated] Movement at Neverland Ranch

    As we previously reported back in December - Neverland has finally sold to renown wealthy businessman, Ron Burkle. Fan reports this week, in the past few days have suggested there is movement in and out of the property. Could this be a sign things are changing for the worst? Or for the better...
  2. smooth-c

    Neverland Ranch Sells to Billionaire Ron Burkle for $22 Million

    Michael Jackson’s onetime Neverland ranch has sold for $22 million to billionaire Ron Burkle, a onetime associate of the late pop star and co-founder of the investment firm Yucaipa Companies, according to public records and three people familiar with the deal. The property, located about 40...
  3. Ben Nagle

    Loving Neverland Documentary Re-released In Four Parts

    The documentary 'Loving Neverland' which came out earlier this year has been re-released as a four part series. The film, which was produced by Nandita Raghav and Deboleena Aich has accumulated over 400,000 views on YouTube since it's initial release. 'Loving Neverland' is now available in four...
  4. Ben Nagle

    'Loving Neverland' Out Now!

    'Loving Neverland', the fan made documentary that was announced last month, is available now on Youtube. The documentary has a total run time of five hours and fifteen minutes, covering topics such as media intrusion, false allegations, Michaels childhood and his love for children, humanitarian...
  5. Ben Nagle

    Update: ‘Loving Neverland’ Releasing on 27/8

    ‘Loving Neverland’, the fan made documentary announced earlier this month, will be released on the 26th of August. The announcement was made by the films co-producer Nan Raghav today on Twitter, with a short clip featuring the documentaries title and release date. ‘Loving Neverland’ will be...
  6. Ben Nagle

    'Loving Neverland' Trailer Out Now

    The trailer for a new fan documentary, titled 'Loving Neverland', has been released on social media. The documentary was announced on Twitter earlier this week, in which co- producer Nandita Raghav stated: According to the description of the trailer on Youtube, the documentary has been...