1. smooth-c

    Michael Spent a Fortune on Flowers at Neverland

    Michael Jackson in Neverland: King of Pop spent a monthly fortune on flowers. '' One afternoon, Michael and I were walking by the lake where he had recently built a small watchtower. He was telling me his plans for the lake. He said he would like to add a big waterfall on the west side and...
  2. Moonstreet

    Fan Life Before The Internet

    Before the internet, the most common way to find out the lyrics to songs was to do it yourself. I would either record songs from the radio onto cassette tapes or play the official album cassette tapes. With a notebook and pen, I would play pause, play pause, line by line, for a few hours, to get...
  3. HIStory on Film, Volume II (1997)

    Title: HIStory on Film, Volume II Tagline: Volume II Genre: Music Director: Vincent Paterson, John Landis, Spike Lee, James Yukich, Mark Romanek, Colin Chilvers, Don Mischer, Bob Giraldi, Wayne Isham, Nicholas Brandt Cast: Michael Jackson Release: 1997-01-01 Runtime: 106...