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Unreleased Man In The Mirror Vocals - Andraé Crouch Choir


Michael, Quincy Jones, Andraé Crouch and Siedah Garrett.

Man in the mirror was composed by Siedah Garrett (lyrics and vocal melody) together with Glen Ballard (piano chords/harmony/melody) Michael and Quincy contacted with the Gospel Legend; Andraé Crouch who took his choir for this song. They also appear on the songs: Keep the Faith, Will You Be There, Earth Song, Morphine and Speechless.

In the past few days, the below video has been released to YouTube. It showcases additional/unheard vocals of the choir along with Michael. Whilst you can see that ultimately, the ending was a perfect fit - this is very insightful into what could have been.


Michael and Andraé Crouch​

Back in 2009, shortly after Michaels passing - rumours, among many - were that Michael had met with the infamous Choir to 'receive christ', as he had allegedly converted to Islam. In July '09 - Andrae Crouch and his sister Sandra released the following statement -

“It has been brought to our attention that several media outlets have been erroneously reporting that we met our dear friend Michael Jackson several weeks prior to his death so he could accept Christ.

This is incorrect and absolutely not true.

“We loved and respected Michael enormously and we’ve been friends with him for many, many years, and are deeply saddened by his sudden and tragic death. We recently met with Michael to discuss recording two songs with our choir for his newest recording project.

“Michael always had a respect and curiosity for spiritual things. During our meeting, not unlike many other creative/music meetings we’ve had with him in the past, we sang together, prayed together and had a wonderful time.

“We are praying for Michael’s family and desire nothing less than God’s best for them.”

In October of 2020 - Essence Magazine interviewed Crouch, and spoke of Michael -
You worked with Michael Jackson several times. What do you remember most about him?
CROUCH: Michael was a kind, gentle, soft-spoken, loving and giving person. Michael truly loved performing and sharing his gift with the world. But he was really shy also, especially with new people. Sometimes we would go to the studio and Quincy Jones would be behind the boards and I would ask, “Where is Michael?” He would be hiding in the studio because he knew the choir was coming in. I would always tease Michael about that, but that’s just who he was. He was a wonderful person.

What's Our View?

This is amazing. I really love hearing the process behind this top track. It's fair to say it's a number one for a reason, and a fan-favourite.

See below for an additional 'Making of' video for MITM

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