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Michael Jackson 'Cut & Sew Collection' Now Available

Screenshot (110).png

Today, a new collection titled 'Cut & Sew' was added to the official Michael Jackson store in the United States. The collection is made up of hoodies, t-shirts and sweatpants ranging in price from $40 to $125. It seems as though the estate has abandoned the 'capsule' concept to celebrate each single release from HIStory (as done with Scream and You Are Not Alone) and no new merchandise marking the 25th anniversary of They Don't Care About Us (which is today) has been released or announced.

The apparel in this collection is nothing special, just images of Michael seemingly pasted on to some generic looking clothing items and given an absurd price tag (black sweat pants with text on one leg that is illegible on the website is going for $125). If you are interested in checking out the collection for yourself,
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