1. Ben Nagle

    "The Truth Runs Marathons" Update from Taj Jackson

    Taj Jackson has provided an update on the GoFundMe page for his project 'The Truth Runs Marathons', which aims to set the record straight about Michael Jackson once and for all. The update reads: "I know we are all fatigued and exhausted. Probably wondering if we are still making a difference...
  2. Ben Nagle

    'The Truth Runs Marathons’ Update By Taj Jackson

    Taj Jackson has updated the ‘GoFundMe’ page for his upcoming series ‘The Truth Runs Marathons’, which has been delayed due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The post reads: “First I'd like to say that your continued patience through production delays caused by this pandemic is greatly appreciated. I...
  3. smooth-c

    "The Truth Runs Marathons" - Coming Soon?

    "The Truth Runs Marathons" - The up-and-coming docu-series focussed on setting the story straight once and for all has recently been discussed in a YouTube live session broadcasted by Taj Jackson. He spends over 2 hours talking about various subjects, including the progress of the project...