1. Ben Nagle

    'Thriller' and 'Bad' Appear On The Top 5 Highest Selling Pop Albums Of All Time

    Recently, 'The Richest' has ranked the top 5 highest selling pop albums of all time and Michael Jackson appears not once but twice! The rankings description reads: Our concept of pop music has changed drastically over the past several decades. Pop music originated as a spin-off of 1950's rock...
  2. d49k

    What Kind Of Numbers Would A 'modern' Thriller Put Up?

    This question was asked the other day on another forum, I'm replicating it here because I think the answer is interesting (and I'm new here and would like engage more with existing and new members who are joining recently).. My honest opinion, I don't think an album will ever get the same type...
  3. smooth-c

    Thriller: 7 Secrets Behind Michael Jackson's Legendary Music Video

    Zombies, the red leather jacket, ghostly makeup, the legendary dance… With Thriller, Michael Jackson changed the music industry forever. In 1983, the already popular Michael Jackson was getting ready to revolutionize the music world with Thriller. The global success surprised everyone — except...
  4. smooth-c

    Featured ‘Smooth Criminal’ Is Michael Jackson’s Best Short Film, Even If ‘Thriller’ Is the G.O.A.T.

    Image via Single White Glove / Modified by Greg Spinks Yes, you read that right. There’s a difference between “greatest” and “best.” Merriam-Webster defines “greatest” as “remarkable in magnitude, degree, or effectiveness.” They also define “best” as “one’s maximum effort.” With that said, it...
  5. smooth-c

    Revisit - Michael Jackson's Pop Star Breakthrough, 'Off The Wall' | For The Record

    Jackson and producer Quincy Jones' pop dominance began with the GRAMMY-winning, record-breaking 'Off the Wall,' released Aug. 10, 1979 In 1978, a 20-year-old Michael Jackson, alongside Diana Ross, comedian Richard Pryor and other major Black stars, starred in Universal/Motown's feature film The...
  6. smooth-c

    Making Michael Jackson's Thriller (1983)

    Title: Making Michael Jackson's Thriller Tagline: The sensational Michael Jackson - in the ultimate music movie! Genre: Documentary, Music Director: Jerry Kramer Cast: Michael Jackson, John Landis, Rick Baker, Ola Ray, Kelly Kimball, Michael Peters Release: 1983-12-15 Runtime...