1. smooth-c

    'New Photos' Surface of MJ During a Promo Shoot for MLS Limousines

    Today, some 'new' / previously unseen photos have been shared of Michael during a promotional photoshoot for MLS Limousines. The female who features in this photo shoot along with Michael, 'Gohar Harutyunyan' today shares photos and the following post - The photos can be seen below...
  2. Moonstreet

    Newspaper Clippings Archive

    Long long ago, in a town far away.... eeek wrong fandom.... Anyways, back before the internet and before I found the fan community, one of the only ways I had of keeping up with Michael news was mainstream media. I used to save newspaper clippings and put them into scrapbooks. Then when I...
  3. Moonstreet

    The Fake Photos Thread

    This is something which used to be on previous forums and now its even more important that we bring it back. In this digital age, it is now very easy for fans to create digital images of Michael. Some of the fans are extremely talented and it can be hard to figure out whats an original photo of...