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'New Photos' Surface of MJ During a Promo Shoot for MLS Limousines (1 Viewer)

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Today, some 'new' / previously unseen photos have been shared of Michael during a promotional photoshoot for MLS Limousines.

The female who features in this photo shoot along with Michael, 'Gohar Harutyunyan' today shares photos and the following post -

Here we go, as I promised to unexpectedly a big number of Michael Jackson's fans who followed my page after posting pictures with the king of pop, these are the new, unseen photos I received from Grigor Seropian, the co-owner of URC limousine service (MLS back then). 20 years later he shares these pictures with you and me and I want to give credit to him and #urclimo. As I said before, it took years of high-quality service, great relationship and lots of persuasion for Michael Jackson to agree on this photoshoot. I will be happy to answer your questions, as I realise how important for many MJ fans every single detail. Grigor Seropian is on the last pictures. He is my mom's classmates brother and there how I got so lucky😊😉😍


The photos can be seen below.

117751784_3364107497005032_3437776639841803043_n.jpg 2).jpg 117751784_3364107497005032_3437776639841803043_n.jpg 117800343_173648310892501_8304762950469817791_n.jpg 117800849_624021201883179_8785353552947073250_n.jpg
117816390_1227978334253624_7700563098810438964_n.jpg 117911542_783327502417359_8754312923674523431_n.jpg 117986184_590016648319953_8858462017476557562_n.jpg 118007634_1213568229029676_5982937179611978817_n.jpg

Full Source - Instagram / @miss_armenia_gohar
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