1. smooth-c

    [Exclusive Interview] HIStory 4K Is Coming?

    Actual shot from 4k rendered video. Image slightly colour graded and manipulated by us for publication. YES - IT'S COMING (WE HOPE!) You may have seen some buzz in the last few days surrounding a French vlogger who happens to be a -huge- MJ fan. Recently, he published a video (all in French...
  2. smooth-c

    The Most Amazing Michael Jackson Live Vocals

    It's no secret that Michael had some of the best range when it came to singing. A recent video that has been produced by a YouTuber titled 'Crazy Singing' explores this feat and delves quite deep in a technical way. The content revolves around 3 of the most difficult vocal lines The video has...
  3. smooth-c

    Happy Birthday Michael!

    Celebrating the 63rd birthday of Michael Jackson. Another year, another milestone. Thank you for the art and inspiration you've given to so many people! A birthday isn't a birthday without some cake! Whatever your favourite slice is - Make sure you celebrate the day with some good vibes and...