1. Ben Nagle

    Michael Jackson Was Worth $4.1 Million, Tax Judge Rules

    Michael Jackson was worth $4.1 million at the time of his death, a tax court in the US ruled on Monday. This is significantly less than the $168 million that the IRS estimated his name and likeness to be worth, the estate had argued that Michael Jackson was worth only $2,105 by the time of his...
  2. smooth-c

    Defending Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’: A Labor of Love

    Photo Credit: Sam Emerson Of all the hot takes I’ve seen on Twitter, nothing prepared me for this one. I didn’t think someone could contradict themselves this much in less than 280 characters. Then again, the Internet remains undefeated. How is one of the most decorated and beloved albums...
  3. smooth-c

    Michael Jackson's Journey from Motown to Off the Wall (2016)

    Title: Michael Jackson's Journey from Motown to Off the Wall Genre: Music, Documentary Director: Spike Lee Cast: Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Rosie Perez, Pharrell Williams, Mark Ronson, Esperanza Spalding, Kobe Bryant, David Byrne, Misty Copeland, Lee Daniels, Berry Gordy, Jackie...
  4. smooth-c

    Michael Jackson's Vision (2010)

    Title: Michael Jackson's Vision Genre: Music Cast: Michael Jackson Release: 2010-11-22 Runtime: 270 Plot: Throughout his illustrious career, Michael Jackson not only changed the way music sounded, he changed the way it looked. Breaking through barriers of all kinds - including the...
  5. smooth-c

    Making Michael Jackson's Thriller (1983)

    Title: Making Michael Jackson's Thriller Tagline: The sensational Michael Jackson - in the ultimate music movie! Genre: Documentary, Music Director: Jerry Kramer Cast: Michael Jackson, John Landis, Rick Baker, Ola Ray, Kelly Kimball, Michael Peters Release: 1983-12-15 Runtime...