1. d49k

    Ghosts: Music/Mixes, BTS, Links, Reviews, Origins, Addams Family, False Allegations, Orchestral Score, Release & Concept Art.

    Hello :) This is a copy of a Reddit post I wrote a few months before Halloween last year. I've been reluctant to share it here because it's written as though the reader doesn't know the full story behind Ghosts and its significance in Michael's discography / videography. Also as a Primer for...
  2. smooth-c

    Ghosts - Michael Spent Millions!

    Horror was a surprisingly large part of Michael Jackson’s musical career. In addition to “Thriller,” Jackson made another horror-themed music video — one which was far more extravagant. Here’s the story behind a music video Stephen King co-wrote which cost Jackson around $15 million. The movie...
  3. smooth-c

    Longer Version of 'Ghosts' is coming on Michael Jackson's official YouTube channel!

    PLEASE SEE UPDATED POST BELOW - THIS STORY IS NOW CONFIRMED TO BE TRUE. Apparently, the Michael Jackson Estate is preparing the 'debut' of the full version of the medium-length Ghosts for next month. We will treat this as a rumour, since (there is) no official word on the matter yet, but the...
  4. smooth-c

    Ghosts (1997)

    Title: Ghosts Tagline: Are you scared yet? Genre: Music, Horror Director: Stan Winston Cast: Michael Jackson, Pat Dade, Amy Smallman, Edwina Moore, Yasiin Bey, Seth Smith, Kendall Cunningham, Loren Randolph, Heather Ehlers Release: 1997-09-04 Runtime: 39 Plot: The story of a...