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'Trial By Media' New Teaser Trailer (2 Viewers)

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Last October, film maker Jin Chohan (who also created the 'Leaving Neverland: The Aftermath' documentary in 2019) announced his latest project 'Trial By Media - The Michael Jackson Story' which will provide an "investigation into the media's relationship with global megastar Michael Jackson". According to the projects GoFundMe page, Chohan believes that "this documentary will be the 'Free Britney' of Michael Jackson, the documentary which will open the door for our society at large to be more understanding of this story. My aim is to take the general viewer from the house of 'Michael Jackson' they have been taken to over the years, and open the door to show them how they got there."

Chohan has been providing updates on the documentaries progress over the past few months, sharing pictures from interviews with Taj Jackson, John Ziegler and Helene Phillip. He has additionaly filmed some of the proceedings from the Robson v. MJJ Productions hearing earlier this year.

You can view the films latest teaser trailer below and donations towards the production can be given on the GoFundMe page.

Jin Chohan on Twitter
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