1. Ben Nagle

    'Trial By Media' New Teaser Trailer

    Last October, film maker Jin Chohan (who also created the 'Leaving Neverland: The Aftermath' documentary in 2019) announced his latest project 'Trial By Media - The Michael Jackson Story' which will provide an "investigation into the media's relationship with global megastar Michael Jackson"...
  2. Ben Nagle

    Teaser For New Movie 'Moonwalk' Out Now

    Debut director AK Vinod has shared the teaser to his upcoming film, 'Moonwalk'. The teaser (linked below) runs at 1 minute and 10 second and shows a group of youngsters who are passionate about dancing and are looking for a place to try out their moves. As you might have guessed by the title...
  3. Ben Nagle

    BTS Release MJ Influenced Teaser For 'Dynamite',

    The Korean Pop Group 'BTS' has released the teaser for their upcoming music video titled 'Dynamite' and the clip features some instantly recognizable MJ moves! The short teaser begins with each of the 7 members of the group striking an iconic MJ pose and ends with Michael's legendary leg kick...