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'MICHAEL JACKSON AND ME' - A Memoir (1 Viewer)

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A real-life fairy tale: Michael Jackson and me is a 285-page memoir by Irish fan Talitha Linehan, in which she describes seeing Michael perform at 17 HIStory concerts, meeting him at hotels and venues across Europe, the US, and Asia, spending a day with him at Neverland Valley, and becoming a daily presence around him during his final years. The book includes never-before-published photographs of Michael and Talitha, and messages he wrote to her, from her private collection.


“You're my fairy tale, Michael.” “Oooh,” said
Michael, and he brushed my cheek with his hand,
making me flutter.
This was the moment, under a starry sky in Las
Vegas, when Talitha Linehan told Michael
Jackson how she’d viewed him since childhood,
not just as a man but as a magical being.

Below is a selection of photographs of Michael Jackson and Talitha Linehan, taken between early 2003 and mid-2009.

1609623393820.png 1b+michael+jackson+talitha+jesse+birthday.jpg 1c+michael+jackson+talitha+hugging.jpg

16+michael+jackson+talitha+beverly+hills.jpg 23+michael+jackson+talitha+2008.jpg michael+jackson+talitha+hotel+bel+air.jpg michael+jackson+talitha+linehan+los+angeles+2009.jpg

In this deeply personal memoir, Talitha recalls a journey that began when she discovered Michael, while growing up in the Irish countryside, and that ended when she last spoke to him, at a rehearsal studio in LA, on the last night of his life.

The book cover in full-size -

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$9.99 eBook, $19.99 paperback on - Click Here Kindle Edition - Click Here - Click Here - Click Here - Click Here - Click Here

Full Source - / Behind The Mask
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Jul 17, 2020
I'm so excited for everyone to read this book. Talitha is one of my dear friends and I have been helping her behind the scenes with this book. Its such an incredible and brave thing she has done, sharing her very personal experiences with the world. The fan community knows her face from the many photos of her with Michael, such as the ones smooth-c has shared above, but very few people knew the stories behind the photos.

This book is a must read for all Michael fans. If you were active in the fan community before 2009, you will be taken on a trip down memory lane. If you are new to the fan community after 2009, you will go on the most magical adventure and get to see what it was like to see Michael in concert and events and what it was like to talk to him and be part of his world. If you are interested in the March to June 2009 timeline, and have always wondered about exactly happened on which days, which songs were rehearsed and so much more, then you will finally get those answers.

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