1. Moonstreet

    MJ Book Club Events

    MJ BOOK CLUB is having its first fan hangout and book love fest of 2021! Join us and chat with lifelong fans! Laugh, share, and reminisce about Michael Jackson! This weekend! 6:30pm London UK Time. Fan art by @JeyOdin Facebook Event Link MJ BOOK CLUB on Twitter...
  2. smooth-c


    A real-life fairy tale: Michael Jackson and me is a 285-page memoir by Irish fan Talitha Linehan, in which she describes seeing Michael perform at 17 HIStory concerts, meeting him at hotels and venues across Europe, the US, and Asia, spending a day with him at Neverland Valley, and becoming a...
  3. Ben Nagle

    New Book: ‘The King of Pop and I’ by Aileen Medalla

    For 15 years, Aileen Medalla has lived a quiet life as a mother and entrepreneur in Cebu, Philippines. Her name may be unfamiliar to many, but 15 years ago Aileen Medalla has had an extraordinary experience with the privilege of working for the most recognized name in all of music history...