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Digital collections of MJ albums and Bootlegs (1 Viewer)


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6 December 2020
I have a decent, digital collection of Michael's and The Jackson's core discography* together with fan-made bootlegs and my own compilations/bootlegs. 👇Here's a screenie of the core albums/bootlegs I tune into when I listen to MJ. (*I don't pirate MJ's music - studio albums are purchases).


These are just fan-made compilations over the years - "He Came, He Saw, He Conquered" - remixes, live tracks, songs from Michael's funeral and tribute songs, gaplessly weaved together as a compilation. - Another compilation is a home-made (from searching on YouTube) fan-made instrumentals of all the tracks from HIStory.

I find this an interesting way of listening to Michael's music and Michael inspired music when I'm not listening to his core studio albums.

Do you do the same? - Do you listen to bootlegs (inc. unofficial bootlegs or created compilations)? Are there any you can recommend? I wonder what gaps I have.

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