1. Ben Nagle

    'Thriller' and 'Bad' Appear On The Top 5 Highest Selling Pop Albums Of All Time

    Recently, 'The Richest' has ranked the top 5 highest selling pop albums of all time and Michael Jackson appears not once but twice! The rankings description reads: Our concept of pop music has changed drastically over the past several decades. Pop music originated as a spin-off of 1950's rock...
  2. d49k

    Digital collections of MJ albums and Bootlegs

    I have a decent, digital collection of Michael's and The Jackson's core discography* together with fan-made bootlegs and my own compilations/bootlegs. 👇Here's a screenie of the core albums/bootlegs I tune into when I listen to MJ. (*I don't pirate MJ's music - studio albums are purchases)...
  3. d49k

    What Kind Of Numbers Would A 'modern' Thriller Put Up?

    This question was asked the other day on another forum, I'm replicating it here because I think the answer is interesting (and I'm new here and would like engage more with existing and new members who are joining recently).. My honest opinion, I don't think an album will ever get the same type...
  4. Minimj

    The Jackson 5 or The Jacksons.

    Pretty simple - who do you prefer? Two different groups in my eyes for the simple fact of the shift of genre in regards to the style of music. For me, I prefer the Jacksons. The style of music was some what more like a feel of fresh air in contrast to the bubblegum pop sound of the Jackson Five.