1. smooth-c

    New Video Drop - Can You Feel It (Kirk Franklin Remix)

    Today, we have a new drop. I'd say this is quite unexpected. With the new releases of Triumph, Victory and 2300 Jackson Street, comes new mixes. Today, notably a new mix for 'Can You Feel It' has been released titled 'Can You Feel It (Kirk Franklin Remix)' - and with it, a newly shot video...
  2. d49k

    Michael Jackson: 2 Bad (Standing Tho' Ure Kickin' Me Remix) Be Patient Edit

    The fruits of much loved labour, working the multitracks of 2 Bad. It's a busy mix and because I'm too familiar with it now, I think I've lost objectivity by adding too much into it. (Also hearing loss which doesn’t help much). I know this mix sounds over processed and some of the volume isn't...
  3. smooth-c

    Can You Feel It? Estate Teases New Remix

    What is likely to be an additional/bonus track for the upcoming re-releases of The Jacksons albums - This edit seems to be quite punchy. Touted as a MLK (Martin Luther King) remix, it sends a rather apt message - All men are created equal. We previously reported on the other Jacksons albums...
  4. d49k

    Asking for help with a new "2 Bad" remix I'm making. Here's my thoughts on it, and the draft remix. I'm interested in what you think?

    Not sure where to post this, so I figured the 'Everything Else' section. Casually, for quite some time now, I've been working on creating a new 2 Bad remix using the multi-tracks and few other sound clips from Mike's songs. It's finally ready as a draft for review. Over the past few months...