1. smooth-c

    MJ Innocent Press Release

    Hot on the heels of the latest news, MJ Innocent founders have released a press-release which has, and is being sent to multiple news outlets to inform of this brilliant development and engage open and honestly with them with facts. Court Dismissal of Leaving Neverland Accusers for a Third time...
  2. d49k

    Ghosts: Music/Mixes, BTS, Links, Reviews, Origins, Addams Family, False Allegations, Orchestral Score, Release & Concept Art.

    Hello :) This is a copy of a Reddit post I wrote a few months before Halloween last year. I've been reluctant to share it here because it's written as though the reader doesn't know the full story behind Ghosts and its significance in Michael's discography / videography. Also as a Primer for...
  3. Ben Nagle

    The Jacksons are set to release the 'First Wave' of Expanded Digital Albums next month

    The Jackson's have announced that the first wave of "expanded digital releases" in the definitive album project will be available for streaming from February 12th. This initial wave will include expanded versions of their first three albums, 'The Jacksons', 'Goin' Places' and 'Destiny'. 'Shake...