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Thriller 40 - 'The Toy' Will Be Next?


Following in the series of announcements, it was only earlier today that we announced 'She's Trouble' being the next track to feature on the 40th anniversary edition of Thriller. Now, some fans have worked out how to manipulate the image location on Sonys' image host to find out next weeks likely announcement.

For instance,

'Behind The Mask' was posted on the MJ official website under the image url -

'She's Trouble' was posted on the MJ official website under the image url -

Fans have now 'reverse engineered' the url for the next announcement, 'The Toy' by changing the dates -

The orange bolded text/numbers show what has been changed to accomplish this discovery. The image linked becomes -


Whilst this is not a definitive announcement of 'The Toy' - It is highly likely to be the case given the above.

What Do We Know About 'The Toy' ?
'The Toy' is an unreleased song by Michael Jackson, it was intended for a movie with the same name, and also was intended for Thriller.
  • It is known to have been an early version of the 2009 posthumous song "Best Of Joy"
  • Written and possibly recorded for a movie with the same name made by Richard Pryor

The following information has been pulled from the US Copyright Public Records system -

The Toy /Michael Jackson.​

Registration record PAU000681697
Copyright Catalog (1978 to present)

Registration Number / DatePAU000681697 / 1984-11-16
Type of WorkMusic
TitleThe Toy /Michael Jackson.
Date of Creation1981
Copyright ClaimantMijac Music
Authorship on Applicationwords & music: Michael Jackson.
Description1 sound cassette.
NamesJackson, Michael
Mijac Music

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Behind The Mask
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