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New Teaser For Janets Two-Night Documentary Causes a Stir


The past week or so has been a bit rocky for the fans. Janet Jackson, who is releasing a two-part documentary at the end of this month (Jan 28th) has released a teaser. Much of the teaser shows the build-up of Janets' life and career and near the end, the following clip (with images of Neverland) of Janet reads -

'Interviewer - Did the allegations affect you, career wise?
Janet - Yeah - Guilty by association. I guess that's what they call it right?
Janet - They build you up - and then watch you fall'

Many fans, have asked - 'What could she mean by this?' - Is there more to that statement than a simple answer? The media have jumped on this and taken it into the direction to fit their narrative. Is this just a PR stunt to build buzz for the doco in Michaels name? Was it just a clever edit? Who knows.

The trailer also reveals many of the artists who were interviewed for the documentary: Missy Elliott, Janelle Monae (who also inducted Janet into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), Whoopi Goldberg, Samuel L. Jackson, Mariah Carey, Teyana Taylor, Tyler Perry, and many more. “For her to want to open up, I’m flabbergasted,” Q-Tip says of the documentary.

Janet also features exclusive interviews and never-before-seen footage from throughout Jackson’s childhood and career, with the documentary taking her back to her hometown of Gary, Indiana to her independence with Rhythm Nation, from her Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction to her close relationship with her late brother Michael, who she simply refers to as “Mike.”


The four-hour Janet, which was “five years in the making,” was executive produced by both Janet and her brother Randy Jackson, and directed by Ben Hirsch. The documentary arrives on what marks the 40th anniversary of Jackson’s 1982 self-titled debut LP.

In Janets book released in 2011 - She speaks fondly of Michael -

My spirit of generosity and selflessness also depend on faith. I'm grateful for the comfort that my work provides. I'm grateful for the privileged life that I lead. But I realize that it's the spiritual life that sustains, that nourishes us. In the early morning hours, when I read my Bible, when I pray, when I talk to Jesus. I'm no longer haunted by remorse. I know that the mistakes I've made are in the past; they're gone, forgiven, and no longer cause for guilt or shame. I'm looking forward, not behind. Yet as my life goes forward, part of my past remains eternally present. In dedicating this book to my brother Mike, I want to pay tribute to his beautiful spirit. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him, his smile, his laugh, those little private jokes between us. He taught me so much. We were as close as close can be. It's still difficult to speak of him, still difficult to realize that he's gone. I can only look at his photos when we were kids. I turn off the TV or radio when anything about him is discussed. As I said on the BET Awards show, "To you, Michael is an icon. To us. Michael is family." Our family is focused on the brother, the son, the father, the uncle, the loving soul. I focused on him on July 2, 2010, when, for the first time in two years, I gave a full concert. It was at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, a city that had been the scene of so much bravery in the face of tragic loss. I dedicated my closing song, "Together Again," to Mike. Friends said that there wasn't a dry eye among the more than thirty thousand folks in the audience. I know my eyes were wet with tears when I sang these words, thinking of the joy my brother brought into my life and the lives of millions..

Everywhere I go
Every smile I see
I know you are there
Smiling back at me
Dancing in the moonlight
I know you are free
Because I can see your star
Shining Down On Me

- Janet Jackson, 'True You' - 2011.

What's Our View?

I think it's important to add here that whilst I think It was/is poor judgement to allow this controversy to happen - I think it's fair to say that all bets are off until this actually airs. I'd like to think that this was a poor decision rather than there being any malice involved. Just my thoughts.

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