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Mariah Carey #1S Re-Issue - Featuring 'I'll Be There'


Mariah Carey #1’s is a collection of Mariah Carey’s first 13 chart-topping singles. Originally released in 1998, this Greatest Hits album includes the classics “Always Be My Baby,” “Fantasy” and “One Sweet Day,” along with the four bonus tracks included on the original vinyl pressing.

Mariah Carey's album #1's will be reissued on vinyl on the date of April 23 2022. There will only be 7,050 copies available. The re-issue will feature Mariahs' cover of 'I'll Be There', the Jackson 5 hit released on Motown on August 28, 1970. This performance of Mariahs' 'I'll Be There' is from an MTV 'Unplugged' event on March 16, 1992. Following this wonderful performance, a K7 video of the event was released as well as an album entitled "MTV Unplugged EP".


Release Date: 4/23/2022
Format: 2 x LP
Label: Legacy
Quantity: 7050
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

As this release is exclusive to the 'Record Store Day' brand, it may not be widely available on regular retail locations/websites. Please enquire further via the source link below.

Performance of Mariahs' 'I'll Be There'

What's Our View?

This particular cover of 'I'll Be There' by Mariah is beautiful.


Mariah performing 'I'll Be There' at Michaels' memorial at the Staples Centre in 2009

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