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Lil Nas X at the Grammys '22 on the Red Carpet.

In the latest performance at the Grammys '22 by Lil Nas X - Nas sports a new ensemble, seemingly inspired by Captain EO. If we learned anything from Lil Nas X’s Montero promo, it’s that this man does not do anything halfway. Since its release, that album has given us an elaborate billboard campaign, a multiple-part Maury episode, a Satan-sponsored sneaker drop, a series of astoundingly horny music videos, and two jaw-dropping awards-show performances. So there was no way Lil Nas X wouldn’t have a spectacle in store for tonight’s Grammys, where he’s nominated for five awards.

When he did make his entrance, it was, naturally, covered in diamonds and pearls. Towering over his fellow musicians in sky-high platforms, he wore a quilted white Balmain suit with jewels outlining the armor-like pattern. Butterflies are embroidered onto his chest and sleeves, and it’s all topped off with blue eyeshadow, grills, and high hair.

Sure enough, when Lil Nas X strutted down the red carpet in a bedazzled Balmain two-piece cut like a marching band uniform, it wasn't long before fans unearthed the matching look: a £15,180 ($20,000) Balmain dress worn by Kim Kardashian during her Paris bachelorette party in 2014, days before her marriage to Kanye West.


Who wore it better? Kim Kardashian or Michael Jackson​

Alternative outfit during Grammys '22


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Lil Nas X performing 'Call Me By Your Name' at BET Awards 2021

I absolutely love this performance that Nas gave the world last year. It is heavily inspired by 'Remember The Time' and features a breakdown akin to Michaels including a snippet of the track. See more here.

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