The Michael Jackson facebook page has just announced that the song "Who Do You Know" will be on Thriller 40th.

This announcement of the tenth and last unreleased track of the second CD of the anniversary edition of the album "Thriller", is accompanied by a very small history that specifies that the song wasworked in 1980, but Michael Jackson was still working on it in February 1982 and considered it as a song for the album Thriller. When he failed to keep it for "Thriller", Michael considered it again for the Jacksons' album Victory but chose to contribute three more songs to that album: "State of Shock", "Be Not Always" (co-written with his brother Marlon) and "The Hurt" (co-written with his brother Randy, David Paich and Steve Porcaro). This demo has never been released before.

Who Do You Know, written and produced by Michael Jackson, was mentioned in a 1993 deposition.

Here is the complete list of songs that will appear on the second CD of the Thriller 40th CD edition that will be released on November 18:

Got The Hots (Demo)
Who Do You Know (Demo)
Behind The Mask (Mike's Mix (Demo))
Can't Get Outta The Rain
The Toy (Demo)
Sunset Driver (Demo)
What A Lovely Way To Go (Demo)
She's Trouble (Demo)

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