In our bi-monthly (when we find time) edition of Top 8 Remixes of the moment - This one will of course be including more Halloween inspired mixes than usual!

Michael Jackson - "Thriller" (2022 Piano House) (Wez Devine Remix)

Michael Jackson - Thriller (Jhonnier Remix) [Tech House Remix]

Michael Jackson Ghosts (Restless Soul Remix)

Michael Hard & Johanna Jackson X Doctor Keos - Thriller (Tech House Remix)​

DAWN FM with Michael Jackson - Take The Thriller [My current favourite! ❤️]

Michael Jackson - That's What You Get [For Being Polite] (80's Mix)​

Michael Jackson - Days In Gloucestershire (80's Mix)​

Michael Jackson - Who Is It (70's Mix)​

Thank you to all those amazing remixers including QualityRemixes!

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