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Paris Jackson on 'No Filter with Naomi' (1 Viewer)


Paris Jackson has recently given an interview with Naomi Campbell on her YouTube series 'No Filter with Naomi'.
Paris speaks about her debut album 'Wilted' which was released last November, her fashion career, acting career, activism and how she wants to use her platform to make a difference and bring attention to matters close to her heart.

Paris also spoke about her upbringing and how her father helped shape her worldview from a very early age, such as visiting poorer regions and third world countries:

My dad was really good about making sure we were cultured, making sure we were educated and not just showing us, like, the glitz and glam — like hotel-hopping, five-star places, it was also like, we saw everything. We also saw third world countries. We saw every part of the spectrum.

Naomi also touches on working with Michael on the 'In The Closet' short film in 1991. You can watch the interview below:

Source: Behind the Mask/ No Filter with Naomi

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