For many years, a fan known as Adrian Grant among others have organised 'Michael Jackson' themed events for fans. This event, originally billed as a Halloween party destined for October 2021 - was unfortunately delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

They did do a part event where there was a screening of Ghosts (which was fantastic!)


At the beginning of this year (2022), due to the tragic events within Ukraine - A new cause for the MJ 30 party was born. All proceeds go to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

The night started off for general ticket holders at approximately 7:30PM where fans were ushered inside for a regular bag and coat check. Once fans proceeded through a walkway, they were greeted by staff and shown to a grand staircase. Infront of this grand staircase - there was a giant screen, which was playing the HIStory teaser. This was powerful in such a setting and built excitement. Fans then proceeded up the staircase which is where they were then asked to enter lifts.


The grand staircase within Madame Tussauds, London where MJs 'HIStory Teaser' was playing on-screen.


After exiting from the lift, fans entered the main hall which was dotted with waxworks of many celebrities and a-listers. I must be completely honest, at first - I did honestly think one of them were real and despite being in a 'waxworks museum' - totally forgot that's what I should expect.

There were such 'celebrities' as Morgan Freeman, Tom Hardy, 'Posh and Becks', Bradd Pitt, George Clooney amongst many others.

Star of the show obviously was the waxwork of Michael Jackson.


After a drinks reception, the night went in full swing - and fans were led to a movie 'theatre' type room. Fans who had 'VIP' tickets were allowed to enter first, and after this - other 'regular' ticketed fans were allowed in. All fans then sat down and were seated before the show began - and what a show it was!

During the show, as billed were the following acts -

Sergio Cortés
Thriller Live, and the incredible London Community Gospel Choir!
X-Factor winner, Dalton Harris
Danny Oliver

The show ended with a cover of 'Man In The Mirror' with the cast of Thriller Live featuring Siedah Garrett (not present at the show).

The entire live event was hosted by Hear 90s Kevin Hughes.


We touched on this release last week -
Thriller Live Cast Release 'Man In The Mirror' Feat. Siedah Garrett

Thriller Live Cast Release 'Man In The Mirror' Feat. Siedah Garrett

To help support Ukrainian refugees, the cast of the hit West End stage show, Thriller Live, have joined together with Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter, Siedah Garrett, to record a cover of ‘Man In The Mirror’ – the social justice anthem made famous by Michael Jackson, whom Siedah...

Please support this single. It's a great cause and very much deserved credit goes to Adrian Grant for organising this.

Followed by the live show was an after party where fans were led into another room filled with further wax figures (celebrities and such!)

What's Our View?

I was never lucky enough to attend previous events, although they always looked absolutely spectacular. Check out this image from the 10th Annual 'MJ Day' featuring Michael himself in attendance on his birthday.

I'm sure if you search around YouTube - You will find many videos from fans over the years covering these events. I'd love to know more from others, so if you ever attended any - please let us know here! :)

Long live The King!

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