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Hanging Out With Taj Jackson London June 2008 (1 Viewer)

17 July 2020
I was going through my files and found this trip report with a difference :) It might bring back memories for some

Friday 20 the June 2008

One of my friends, sends me a message and a link to Taj Jackson’s blog.

Still in the UK :) What is everyone doing on Saturday(Tomorrow)

I am having a great time in the UK. Not only has Devon been wonderful to us, but I have met some incredible fans as well. I truly missed England. I hadn't been back in over 10 years. I can't tell you how many times this trip has been extended... On Sunday however, I will finally head home. Which leads me to the reason of this post. I would love to see you guys in person if you are in London tomorrow and free. Later tonight I will find an exact place to meet and a time. If you have any suggestions of a place please let me know. And if you are planning on coming let me know on this post as well. The time will most likely be during the daytime. Hope to see some of you there. :)

OMG!! WOW, I have to be there. We spend the next few hours refreshing the page and waiting for more update. How cool is this, an invitation from Taj Jackson to spend some time with him, before he leaves the UK.

Next update from Taj

FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 2008

Ok I lied.. :-(

It is gonna have to be more in the evening time. Between 6PM and 7PM . So I hope you guys can still do it.

See some of ya real soon.



Still looking for a location. And no TJ won't be there.. Just me :-(

He is back home already.

So now its after midnight, and we are all waiting to see what he posts next. I finally go to bed at 2am, as I really don’t think he will post an update now.

Saturday morning and still no update. I was supposed to work this evening but I managed to swap , I really can't miss something like this!

At about 1pm he posts this

More info for today

Well. It's definitely gonna be in Kensington.. stay tune for exact location... should have it in an hour or so.

By now about 10 people had posted replies to his blog and it started to get like MSN Chat, as we all knew each other! I had arranged to meet my friends around 4pm, which meant I had to leave at 3pm, hopefully he would post the time and location soon.

Luckily , just as I was about to leave he posted this.

Final Location and Time :)

Hilton London Metropole

225 Edgware Road, London W2 1JU, UK
Lounge Bar

6:30 PM

Phew, so I headed out to meet my friends. When I met up them we had some time to spare so we decided to get a present for Taj, just some touristy stuff to remind him of his time here.

We arrived at the hotel at about 6.15, not knowing what to expect. We saw some other fans in the lounge bar so we got a drink and joined them. There was about 20 people there, some we recognized and some we didn’t.

Taj arrived at about 6.45pm , and came over to all the tables and said hello to everyone. We waited about 10 minutes, then we moved to a quieter bar area of the hotel.

We all sat around 2 big tables in a corner of the bar, and Taj stood at the top. He wouldn’t sit down as he said that it made him uncomfortable! He thanked us all all for coming and then just asked us some questions and it went from there.

One of the first things he talked about was the first 3T album, Brotherhood. He told us about working with his brothers and then explained that he is in the middle of making a document about what its like growing up a Jackson. He has gathered all the home movie footage over the years and is putting it together in a document. Then he opened his laptop and showed us some home movie footage of him and his brothers rehearsing some stage moves with his uncle MICHAEL!!! OMG!! It was a bit hard to see from where I was sitting, but what a privilege to be shown some private home footage of Michael.

Some of the fans were big 3T fans and were able to talk to Taj and ask him things about the tour and songs from Brotherhood. It was a really nice atmosphere, everyone was soo respectful, and I think we were all in shock at just being there.

Taj was happy to talk on the phone to some fans who couldn’t be there and answered questions about everything from what tv programmes he watches (HERO’S, 24) to tour memories and working with SONY.

Some things I remember

He said that when Jermaine was on Big Brother, he followed that.

Sometimes during the Brotherhood tour, the show started late cos they were playing cards backstage

He sees his brothers every weekend as they have a baseball team with their friends

He went to see the Lion King in New York with Janet

They had alot of problems with SONY and didn’t get any money from SONY from the sales of the album Brotherhood

His documentary will be shown in the UK first, there is no deadline for it though, just whenever he gets around to finishing it

He is a computer geek (his words) and is always watching tutorials to learn more about computers

He loves horror films

I can’t remember what time it ended but when it was time to leave, we all walked out though the hotel with him . The funniest bit was when we jammed the revolving door of the hotel. Taj walked in first and we all followed but there was too many people and the door kept stopping!

He was meeting someone across the street from the hotel, so we all just kinda walked with him to where the car was. At the car, he gave everyone a hug and said goodbye to everyone.

Afterwards, we talked for a bit with the other fans, and went for something to eat.
Fantastic story, really enjoyed reading through it! Thank you for sharing.
I think out of all the Jackson family members, I’d love to meet either 3T or Prince the most. They seem like great people to just have a conversation with.
Fascinating read as always! Thanks for sharing Moonstreet. Love your blog as well. :)

Thanks, oh wow, you found my website 🤗

Fantastic story, really enjoyed reading through it! Thank you for sharing.
I think out of all the Jackson family members, I’d love to meet either 3T or Prince the most. They seem like great people to just have a conversation with.

Thanks, yes the T's are just really nice people. Out of all the Jackson family, they are the most approachable and to me are the most genuine and down to earth.

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