In collaboration with Sony Music - The Estate of Michael Jackson have (finally!) released the ground-breaking short film, 'Thriller' in 4k. Much, if not all of the actual footage of the movie would have been originally shot in 35mm film allowing for a transfer and restoration to take place in aid of releasing this in 4k.

In the past, fans were treated to theatrical screenings of the short film in a variety of ways. These included promotional launch screenings in the promo leading up to, and launch of the Halloween album, 'Scream' in 2018. The 13 minute short film was also attached to certain screenings of the movie, 'The House with a Clock in Its Walls' at Imax. There was also a 3d conversion of the short-film which actually went down quite well with fans. I hope we see it again, one day!

It is absolutely unbelievable how clear this footage is. Certain details have never been seen before - such as MJs jacket being leather, and not wool/material. The makeup on Michaels face and arms sweating off during the dance-breaks. It's unbelievable and kind of like watching it all over again!


Get watching!

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