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  • Update Regarding Multitracks + Registration

    It's clear that this thread needs some love and attention. A lot of the links have either expired or been miss-labelled. With the amount of tracks there are, this is quite a practice. I have made the decision to lock this thread from further replies and to put out this notice that I will be refreshing this thread with updated links and guidance where needed.

    I will update the thread on multitracks and the first post with any forth coming updates about this in due course. For information - I have also disabled user registrations to do some tidyup. Stay tuned.


  1. Marni

    Covid-19: How Has Your Life Changed?

    The thread says it all- during Covid-19 how has your life changed? Have you stopped doing certain things? Have you started doing certain things? Any lessons learned? Has anything positive happened to you / for you? Has it impacted your life negatively? At the beginning of the pandemic and...