1. smooth-c

    Smooth Criminal Reaches 600m Views on YouTube

    600 Million. The magic number. In August 28th 2020 "Smooth Criminal" surpassed 400 million views. Around February of this year, 2021 - It surpassed 500 million views. As of this week, it has reached over 600 million views! The steady growth of MJs content is quite apparent and indeed...
  2. smooth-c

    Smooth's 'All Time Top 500 is back' for 2021

    This year, you can vote for up to 10 of your all-time favourite songs. Your top choice will get 10 points, your second choice gets 9, and so on. So make sure you rearrange your top 10 to get your ideal chart! You have until midnight on Monday, April 19 to get your votes in, and just for taking...
  3. smooth-c

    Featured ‘Smooth Criminal’ Is Michael Jackson’s Best Short Film, Even If ‘Thriller’ Is the G.O.A.T.

    Image via Single White Glove / Modified by Greg Spinks Yes, you read that right. There’s a difference between “greatest” and “best.” Merriam-Webster defines “greatest” as “remarkable in magnitude, degree, or effectiveness.” They also define “best” as “one’s maximum effort.” With that said, it...