1. Ben Nagle

    Prince Jackson is Joining The Michael Jackson Estate as a Special Consultant

    According to court documents, the Michael Jackson Estate is asking that Michael's eldest child, Prince (24) , be brought in to work on 'designated projects'. Prince, who graduated from LMU with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, is to be brought on as a special consultant and it is...
  2. Ben Nagle

    'Heal Los Angeles Foundation' Sweepstake

    The 'Heal Los Angeles Foundation' has announced a 'Sweepstake' in which three lucky winners will have the opportunity to speak with Prince Jackson on a private zoom call and win a collection of Michael Jackson themed prizes (such as vinyls, books, picture cards and t-shirts) signed by Prince...
  3. smooth-c

    Prince Wants to 'Expand' on Dad's Legacy

    Prince Jackson Michael Jackson's son Prince Jackson wants to "expand" on his late dad's legacy. The 23-year-old star - who lost his father 11 years ago - still misses the King of Pop, and while he's "very proud" of the family name, he acknowledged the moniker brings with it certain...
  4. Ben Nagle

    Prince Jackson Appears On ‘This Morning’

    Prince Jackson appeared on ITV’s ‘This Morning‘ on September 4th, he gave a fantastic interview and was as always very articulate. Prince has been doing some incredible work with Heal LA (modelled after Michaels ‘Heal The World’) and it’s great to hear what he’s been up to. When the...