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  • Update Regarding Multitracks + Registration

    It's clear that this thread needs some love and attention. A lot of the links have either expired or been miss-labelled. With the amount of tracks there are, this is quite a practice. I have made the decision to lock this thread from further replies and to put out this notice that I will be refreshing this thread with updated links and guidance where needed.

    I will update the thread on multitracks and the first post with any forth coming updates about this in due course. For information - I have also disabled user registrations to do some tidyup. Stay tuned.


  1. Moonstreet

    How Did You Choose Your User Name?

    Some of us use the same name on many websites and social media. So I thought it would be fun to see why people choose their name :) The very first name I used in the MJ Online Community was D33 when I joined MJIFC Chat and MJNI Messageboard back in 1998. I had no idea what to call myself but I...