1. d49k

    On this day in HIStory... (Searching for, or wishing to create a historic 'event diary' for Michael's life)

    If you're familiar with Prince Vault, you'll see they have an "On this day" section and it chronicles music release dates, tour dates and other important dates in Prince's career. I've never found an equivalent for Michael. Does one exist? How would one go about creating or contributing to...
  2. smooth-c

    Michaels' Birthday: Remember When He Rocked The Superbowl Stage In 1993?

    Michael Jackson's birthday - Do you remember when he rocked his performance at the Superbowl stage in 1993? Here is a throwback to that important day. On January 31, 1993, history was created at the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, California. Michael Jackson was all set to perform at the venue...
  3. HIStory on Film, Volume II (1997)

    Title: HIStory on Film, Volume II Tagline: Volume II Genre: Music Director: Vincent Paterson, John Landis, Spike Lee, James Yukich, Mark Romanek, Colin Chilvers, Don Mischer, Bob Giraldi, Wayne Isham, Nicholas Brandt Cast: Michael Jackson Release: 1997-01-01 Runtime: 106...