1. Mj - The Musical 2021

    Mj - The Musical 2021

    MJ - THE MUSICAL 2021 NOW STARTIN’ SEPTEMBER 2021 MJ is the electrifying new Broadway musical that takes audiences inside the creative process of one of the greatest entertainers in history. Featuring over 25 of Michael Jackson’s biggest hits, MJ allows us to rediscover the man in the mirror –...
  2. Mj The Musical - December 6Th 2021! - Updated!

    Mj The Musical - December 6Th 2021! - Updated!

    New information includes - STARTIN’ SOMETHIN’ ON BROADWAY DECEMBER 6, 2021 iHeartRadio EXCLUSIVE PRESALE: GET EARLY ACCESS TO TICKETS HERE STARTIN’ MAY 17 AT 10AM iHeartRadio Subscription is Not Required Flexible Exchanges and Refunds are available. For more info, click here MJ is the...
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    MJ - THE MUSICAL 2021

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  4. 'Mj' Musical Hires Producer Travis Lemont Ballenger

    'Mj' Musical Hires Producer Travis Lemont Ballenger

    Travis LeMont Ballenger - Courtesy of Stephanie Gould EXCLUSIVE: The Broadway production company behind the upcoming Michael Jackson musical MJ and the stage adaptation of the hit 2000 film Almost Famous has hired The Old Globe Theater’s Travis LeMont Ballenger as producer to help oversee both...