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What I think needs to happen and how we can help to turn the tide on MJ (1 Viewer)


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4 June 2021
So basically this I what I think needs to happen, right now I’m tired of the fact you can’t say MJ without bringing up the allegations it’s just simply disheartening and frustrating the greatest entertainer but also a very kind sensitive soul being treated like this, but I think here are some things that could change this a really good documentary that’s one single documentary that is a series that debunks everything the allegations and shows Michael as he was also if this could get on a streamer next I think the biopic could be good if they show the allegations from MJs point of view which may inspire people to actually look into these cases and Michael is the rare person that when you start to do the research you see he is innocent.

Ben Nagle

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13 July 2020
Hopefully Taj Jacksons upcoming project 'The Truth Runs Marathons' (which is a multi-part series that is currently in the works) will do a lot to help correct the narrative, certain people will always continue to believe the longstanding narrative but hopefully over time films like 'Leaving Neverland' will become irrelevant.
Not sure if you've seen 'Sqaure One' on Amazon Prime but thats another documenatry that does a fantastic job at explaining the Chandler case and extortion in 1993. Well worth checking out!

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