The place Michael Jackson called home for 17 years is in full restoration. Photos released show that several attractions have been put back in place, not exactly the same, but as they used to be. The tents are back and a new attraction called 'Hook's Revenge' has been installed and even a train is parked at the station.

Speculation is growing among those that the restorations are for the biopic that is planned to be released next year.

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What about the future of Neverland?
In 1988, Michael acquired the 2,700-acre ranch about 5 miles northeast of Los Olivos, California, in the Santa Ynez Valley, which extends into the San Rafael Mountains, for an alleged $28.5 million.

He promptly renamed the property "Neverland" after the reference to the fantasy island "Neverland" in the story of Peter Pan, one of Michael's favorite characters, who, like him, was a boy who never grew up.

Never in history has a home been so fully dedicated to something so wonderfully created primarily for the beneficial healing found within Neverland, for needy, disabled and terminally ill children.

Neverland today is a cultural treasure.

In real estate, empty land is not an asset. It doesn't make any money. The ranch isn't easily accessible and residents don't want the area to be primed for an avalanche of tourists in their quiet, pristine neighbourhood.

No money can be made from Neverland. Because there is no ROI (return on investment). Unfortunately, Neverland can't become a "tourist attraction" like Graceland.

Ron Burkle — investor and philanthropist was a good friend of Michael's, giving him shelter and helping with financial problems when he needed it. Burkle bought Neverland, [formally known now as the Sycamore Valley Ranch] for about $22 million in 2020.

Rumours suggest that the possible restoration is due to the fact of the beginning of the filming of the biographical feature film of Michael Jackson, but the documents reveal that, there are no requests for authorization (yet).

Whatever it is, we fans will be forever grateful to Ron Burkle's efforts to restore ours, Neverland.

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