1. smooth-c

    Learning to Love Myself Through Music - Paris J

    Paris Jackson is tired of being told how normal she is. World-famous from the moment she was born, Michael Jackson’s only daughter says she has become accustomed to battling preconceived ideas about her character. ‘I’ve had more than a handful of people tell me, “Wow, when I met you I thought...
  2. d49k

    Michael Jackson: 2 Bad (Standing Tho' Ure Kickin' Me Remix) Be Patient Edit

    The fruits of much loved labour, working the multitracks of 2 Bad. It's a busy mix and because I'm too familiar with it now, I think I've lost objectivity by adding too much into it. (Also hearing loss which doesn’t help much). I know this mix sounds over processed and some of the volume isn't...
  3. smooth-c

    New Music on The Horizon?

    It's been quite some time since new music was released from the Michael Jackson Estate. Our last 'studio' album being Xscape - and our last snippets being from Drake and Lenny Kravitz in 2018. Could this be about to change? Fansite MJ Beats have stumbled across a list of tracks that appear...
  4. d49k

    Asking for help with a new "2 Bad" remix I'm making. Here's my thoughts on it, and the draft remix. I'm interested in what you think?

    Not sure where to post this, so I figured the 'Everything Else' section. Casually, for quite some time now, I've been working on creating a new 2 Bad remix using the multi-tracks and few other sound clips from Mike's songs. It's finally ready as a draft for review. Over the past few months...
  5. d49k

    Ghosts: Music/Mixes, BTS, Links, Reviews, Origins, Addams Family, False Allegations, Orchestral Score, Release & Concept Art.

    Hello :) This is a copy of a Reddit post I wrote a few months before Halloween last year. I've been reluctant to share it here because it's written as though the reader doesn't know the full story behind Ghosts and its significance in Michael's discography / videography. Also as a Primer for...
  6. smooth-c

    An Interview With Azura

    As promised in the earlier article, Michael Jackson: 50th Anniversary Celebration We have 'sat down' (virtually ofc) with the man himself. So. Azura is an awesome name. Is this your real name - and if not, how did you pick it? Azura is not my real name, I’ve been using this alias for years...
  7. d49k

    What Kind Of Numbers Would A 'modern' Thriller Put Up?

    This question was asked the other day on another forum, I'm replicating it here because I think the answer is interesting (and I'm new here and would like engage more with existing and new members who are joining recently).. My honest opinion, I don't think an album will ever get the same type...
  8. Ben Nagle

    Paris Jackson mines her heartache for solo debut album

    NEW YORK (AP) — It started in her bedroom with just a guitar, but Paris Jackson has turned coping with the heartache after a recent breakup into her debut solo album. Jackson, 22, has been a devoted music fan all her life and dabbled in making her own, but has been hesitant to call herself a...
  9. Dia

    New Music Coming Soon [Not Verified]

    A Twitter user who goes by the name of @greatestartists has recently claimed in one of their tweets that the MJ Estate is currently working on a list of never-heard-before Michael Jackson demos. According to them, They've also 'leaked' an excerpt from the alleged listing. Many fans have...
  10. Dia

    The Rise, The Fall and the Return of Disco

    Flared and super-tight trousers, platform shoes, V-neck shirts, mirrored balls, huge afros, bright colors, drugs and sex being done on the dance floor. These are the vivid images that are usually associated with the 70s, a memorable decade, for those who lived it, swayed by a one-of-kind musical...
  11. smooth-c

    Ghosts - Michael Spent Millions!

    Horror was a surprisingly large part of Michael Jackson’s musical career. In addition to “Thriller,” Jackson made another horror-themed music video — one which was far more extravagant. Here’s the story behind a music video Stephen King co-wrote which cost Jackson around $15 million. The movie...
  12. smooth-c

    Thriller: 7 Secrets Behind Michael Jackson's Legendary Music Video

    Zombies, the red leather jacket, ghostly makeup, the legendary dance… With Thriller, Michael Jackson changed the music industry forever. In 1983, the already popular Michael Jackson was getting ready to revolutionize the music world with Thriller. The global success surprised everyone — except...
  13. Minimj

    The Jackson 5 or The Jacksons.

    Pretty simple - who do you prefer? Two different groups in my eyes for the simple fact of the shift of genre in regards to the style of music. For me, I prefer the Jacksons. The style of music was some what more like a feel of fresh air in contrast to the bubblegum pop sound of the Jackson Five.
  14. smooth-c

    Michael Jackson's Vision (2010)

    Title: Michael Jackson's Vision Genre: Music Cast: Michael Jackson Release: 2010-11-22 Runtime: 270 Plot: Throughout his illustrious career, Michael Jackson not only changed the way music sounded, he changed the way it looked. Breaking through barriers of all kinds - including the...
  15. smooth-c

    Making Michael Jackson's Thriller (1983)

    Title: Making Michael Jackson's Thriller Tagline: The sensational Michael Jackson - in the ultimate music movie! Genre: Documentary, Music Director: Jerry Kramer Cast: Michael Jackson, John Landis, Rick Baker, Ola Ray, Kelly Kimball, Michael Peters Release: 1983-12-15 Runtime...