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    Michael Jackson – Speed Demon (AC & potpot's Rework)

    After months of work, and with a little help from the wonderful AC Official, it's finally out! The first multitrack remix of this song, on YouTube atleast. Listen to this exclusive rework of one of my favourite MJ deep cuts, Speed Demon. Made in collaboration with AC Official...
  2. ACOfficialmixes

    Michael Jackson Privacy 61st Birthday Special By AC

    I Reworked my original extended mix , added some stuff , took out some things , cleaned it up :) I Would LOVE some feedback ! Hope you enjoy !! (C) 2003 Epic From The Album "Invincible" Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for...
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    Michael Jackson - I Wanna Be Where You Are (Alternate Vocal Mix)

    Story Time : So this is i think the first MJ early solo session i've ever received (a while back), honestly my favorite song he did early solo , mainly due to me having that 20th millenium Best of J5 cd growing up. This is a mix using the alternate vocal take from the session. unlike most of...
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    Michael Jackson - Threatened (AC Early Cut)

    Story Time : a few years back i contacted my buddy Abdoodle about recreating the song "Threatened" , but it remained incomplete. HOWEVER , using that (which is the main foundation of the song) i managed to recreated the song using his session. Big thanks to him !! :) Also big thanks to PaRt of...
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    Michael Jackson - It's The Falling in Love (Jam Session Style)

    First off , Credits to JK Mack for the artwork correction. i was never a fan of this song , if i'm being honest. But when i heard the session and the work tape vocals , i knew there was potential to turn this into a jam session. i achieved this by using basic instruments , leaving the count in...
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    Michael Jackson - Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu (AC Stripped Mix) (Short Version)

    A few days ago. I was going through my record collection and saw the cover of "I just can't stop loving you" and thought to myself, "No one has done the Spanish one or the French one" so BAM ! Made with the 20 track session Love Y'all DL ...
  7. ACOfficialmixes

    Welcome Thread

    Hey Everyone !! I'm AC (ACofficial) and I do Session Mixes on YouTube :D maybe some of you have heard my mixes before ? anyways, I am so excited to be part of this wonderful website :D