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  1. Azza


    I’ve just listened to it. Great interview and well worth a listen. Talitha talks a bit about MJ’s last days during TII. It’s heartbreaking how close they -Talitha and a group of fans- came to aiding Michael during that time when people were being shut out and kept away from MJ. Obviously she...
  2. Azza

    Ghosts: Music/Mixes, BTS, Links, Reviews, Origins, Addams Family, False Allegations, Orchestral Score, Release & Concept Art.

    Wow again! I look forward to reading this tomorrow! A massive thank you @d49k !
  3. Azza

    The Michael Jackson Merchandise Collectors Challenge

    I need this! I suppose it’s going for ridiculous prices on EBay?! 😱
  4. Azza

    California State Goverment Joins Lawsuit Against Sony Music and the MJ Estate

    I get where you’re coming from but don’t miss out on some amazing MJ tracks from Michael, Bad 25 and Xscape. Obviously the Michael album situation is just horrendous and fingers crossed that the current court case sees the removal of the 3 Cascio tracks. But the 7 genuine MJ tracks range from...
  5. Azza

    California State Goverment Joins Lawsuit Against Sony Music and the MJ Estate

    Honestly, it enhanced my overall listening experience of Xscape massively. I cant remember the details because I’m a bit rubbish at retaining info but it’s a real fly on the wall sort of account on the creation process for each of the MJ original versions that we get on the deluxe version...
  6. Azza

    Michael Jackson 'Smooth Criminal' Figurine Available Now

    Indeedy! It looks like it’s a 3” inch CD single that actually plays. Like the 3” CD Japanese Someone Put Your Hand Out single. Nice rarity.
  7. Azza

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I can’t get enough of this!
  8. Azza

    Random Thoughts Thread

    1 member, 74 guests. MJ fans, please get on here and post! :cool:
  9. Azza

    Welcome Thread

    I bought your Thriller 25 book when it was released. Such a nostalgic throwback! I love that book. I only just received my copy of Michael Jackson All The Songs a few days ago which I paid £16:99 for on Amazon which is a complete steal for what you get. It. Is. Stunning! I don’t even know how...
  10. Azza

    Welcome Thread

    I feel you brother! And please post some remixes. There can never be enough MJ remixes! :cool:
  11. Azza

    I’m Sorry, “Another Part of Me”: You’re Underrated

    Yes! I’m a massive fan of all of the 12” extended mixes also. The 12” mix of Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ is pretty much the live version. The extra intro, the hand claps, you get to just completely ride the groove on these mixes.
  12. Azza

    Michael Jackson: 50th Anniversary Celebration

    Same! Honestly, there’s a few of these guys and their work is insane! Azura, SWG, Nick* etc. Sign these guys up!
  13. Azza

    Michael Jackson - 1988 European Tour Special

    Honestly, I could spend every waking moment of my life watching Bad Tour footage and never get bored. Where is Jay Leggett these days? He’s also obsessed with the Bad Tour!
  14. Azza

    An Interview With Azura

    This was a lovely read. I’m a big Azura fan here! Top 3 are Nick*, SWG and Azura. They produce absolutely phenomenal work and bring out so many different elements to the wonderful layers of sound within MJ’s tracks. These guys should all be hired by the estate. The 50th Anniversary Celebration...
  15. Azza

    Michael Jackson 'Smooth Criminal' Figurine Available Now

    Agree. For that price it’s really got to be on point. Overall it looks beautiful though. :cool: Does the miniature Smooth Criminal vinyl come with it?
  16. Azza

    The Concept of MJ ONE

    Stunning! I’ve been lucky enough to see MJ One on 3 occasions and it’s fantastic. Its always a bit of a blur to me because there’s so much going on. One of my favourite parts is just having MJ on the massive screen. He’s there during parts of Human Nature from the Bad Tour. Love this concept art.
  17. Azza

    Invincible- 'The Weakest Link'

    I’ve only very recently gotten more into Invincible. My issues were the same as the points made here; better tracks were left off, lack of consistency etc. But it’s grown on me an awful lot. In December it was literally the only album I listened to for the entire month. The full Interview...
  18. Azza

    Michael Jackson's Private Home Movies (2003)

    Yes. Also MJ and Macaulay Culkin dropping water balloons on hotel guests from up on the hotel balcony. :ROFLMAO:
  19. Azza

    Michael Jackson - The One (2004)

    Ya know what, I got to thinking about this today and somewhere at some point I actually saw a version of The One which included an extra maybe 10 minutes. I think the footage was The Way You Make Me Feel and or Man In The Mirror. Because I remember being confused as to why it wasn’t on the dvd...
  20. Azza

    The Jacksons are set to release the 'First Wave' of Expanded Digital Albums next month

    Some of us are beginning to feel really old! :ROFLMAO: